We're not like the others.

Who we are

We are a company that wants to contribute to the building of disease and infection-resilient societies. Our dream is that Health Care Associated Infections (HAIs), and other infections spread by hand, are eliminated. This way global trade, international tourism, physical collaboration and everyday interactions can continue.


Our team is built to deliver transformative ideas in an (hygiene)innovation desert. We have top engineering, analytics, human centered design and commercial talents.

Would you like to join us?

Per Ivar Selvaag


Kine Norland

Lead: Market

Anne Serine Ognedal

Lead: Engineering (HW)

Sindre Nerdal

Lead: Engineering (SW+Analytics)

Andrew St.John Smith

Lead: Human Centered Design

Advisory board

Camilla M. Haglerød

PhD in Finance. Research in Corporate finance and Corporate governance. Associate Professor, BI, Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway

Siv Staubo

PhD in neuroscience. Department of Anatomy, University of Oslo. CEO of Oxy Solutions AS. Board member of The Life Science Cluster, Oslo, Norway.

Daniel Sørli

MD (University of Oslo, 2011). GP and Co-founder / CEO of Dr.Dropin AS, Norway