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Our mission is to create more disease and infection resilient societies. Our starting point: everyone's hand hygiene, and at everyone's level of hygiene expertise, as the source of our data platform.

Our insights and analytics-driven offering will transform the way your organisation handles hygiene. In the process, we think that people will benefit and that you will save money.

Infections and pandemics like Covid-19 cause suffering and substantial loss of capital, both human and financial. Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are a serious global problem made worse by inadequate hand hygiene. In Europe alone it is estimated that HAIs account for approx. €7 billion in direct costs and an additional 16 million extra days spent by patients in hospitals. But health care facilities are not the only places we need to be concerned about hand hygiene. All spaces where groups of people are confined over longer periods of time are potential areas of concern.
What if data-driven technology could nudge users into hygiene habits that were at once effortless, and well understood?

Key value proposition

RESANI HST is configured to disperse sanitization liquid on key, patent-pending locations on a user's hands, triggering a reflex-based fluid distribution that dramatically increases hand sanitization quality. User data is then stored on our data platform, to provide hygiene-related analytics and insights.

We use human-centered insights and cutting edge technology in the world of hand hygiene, enabling the continuous upkeep of hand sanitization infrastructure and data-driven decision making.

By meeting end users at their level of hand hygiene expertise and awareness, RESANI HST can contribute to the reduction of infection and disease spread.

We are proud to have received the Seal of Excellence, and the Seal of Excellence for Covid-19 Response, from the European Commission!


We enable responsible interaction between people, at work and everywhere else.

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Committed to eliminating health care associated infections

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COVID-19: A rude awakening

Today, things do not work well enough

We assume that we are instinctively good at sanitizing our hands.This turns out to be (mostly) wrong

‍Nobody imagined that we were as vulnerable as we turned out to be. Avoiding a future event on a similar scale will require ideas.


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Hand sanitizers – not strong enough to kill Covid-19

A new problem with hand sanitizers: Not strong enough to kill Covid-19

Nearly two dozen sanitizers have been flagged for not containing enough active ingredients to kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

Two months after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered that consumers across the country were unwittingly buying and using toxic hand sanitizers to combat the coronavirus, the agency is notifying the public about a completely different problem.


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1.8 Billion People Are at Higher Risk of COVID-19

1.8 Billion People Are at Higher Risk of COVID-19 Due to No Water or Sanitation at Health Facilities

Water, sanitation, and hygiene in health care facilities are fundamental to stopping COVID-19.


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