hygiene 3.0: from Semmelweis to 2023

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Data-driven KPIs and behavioural economics will make even the impossible possible: good hand hygiene in critically important environments; an elusive goal for more than a century.

Our user insights-based offering will transform the way your organisation handles hygiene. In the process people will benefit and you will save (substantial amounts of) money.

Data analytics will transform pathogen management, in a domain where the main hurdle is human; not technology.

Key value proposition:

We meet end users at their individual level of hand hygiene expertise and awareness. This is where the magic happens.

RESANI HST changes pathogen management, from reactionary, to real time and predictive, accounting for varying human attitudes.

It is configured to
a)disperse the correct amount of sanitization liquid on key, patent-pending, locations on a user's hands, b)triggering a reflex-based fluid distribution that dramatically increases hand sanitization quality. User data is then stored on our secure data platform, to provide hygiene-related analytics and insights; c)setting the stage for data-driven KPIs.

We are proud to have received the Seal of Excellence, and the Seal of Excellence for Covid-19 Response, from the European Commission!


We are changing things for the better.

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Committed to eliminating health care associated infections

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Hvorfor er det noen som aldri vasker hendene?

Nelson Mandela's 2003 hand-washing PSA serves as good reminder today