Hand hygiene technology is outdated. We're here to help.


We address hand hygiene issues, directly:

1. A minority of healthcare workers dispense a sufficient amount of liquid sanitiser with current technology.

2. Healthcare ecosystems are populated by workers of different backgrounds, training and knowledge.

3. Hand hygiene management today is happening in an invisible data void.

A technology leap across centuries

Our state-of-the-art, proprietary, hardware (Hand Sanitizing Technology - HST) allows health care workers (HCW), patients, visitors and others to easily enhance their hand hygiene through a patent-pending combination of user reflex, software and hardware, while user data collection provides hand hygiene-related analytics and important insights to organizations and institutions.

Our Technology

We visualise your hygiene compliance in realtime, enabling rapid decision making and predictable outcomes. Our data tool establishes a new standard for HAI maintenance: predictive analysis and 24/7 infrastructure availability.

Our device consists of a hand sanitiser (AHS) and user-monitoring technology that motivates frequent use and drastically improves hand hygiene.

We make data understandable for our our busy end users.