Hand hygiene technology is outdated


Humans are collecting data everywhere, yet we have discovered a huge data blindspot in an area where good data could save lives.

In some industries good hand hygiene is of critical importance, but it is almost always difficult to enforce compliance. The reasons are multiple:

a) people may actually generally dislike sanitizing their hands
b) if we must, we often hurry
c) only a minority understands the correct technique
required to achieve compliance-level cleanliness

All in all: the chances of achieving a hand sanitization, medical-grade stamp of approval is tiny.

Hand sanitizing technology is outdated

Our product allows health care workers (HCW), patients, visitors and others to easily enhance their hand hygiene through a patent-pending combination of user reflex, software and hardware while user data collection provides hand hygiene-related analytics and insights to organizations and institutions.

Our Technology

Resani Hand Sanitizing Technology (Resani HST)RESANI HST is a product that enables users to drastically improve their likelihood of hand hygiene compliance in less than 5 seconds, while simultaneously providing the data necessary to track compliance and drive future hygiene related solutions.

Our device consists of a hand sanitiser (AHS) and user-monitoring technology that will motivate frequent use and drastically improve hand hygiene. We believe RESANI HST can radically reduce the occurrence of infection and disease transmission.