Today, things do not work well enough


Mar 26


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We assume that we are instinctively good at sanitizing our hands.This turns out to be (mostly) wrong

We started asking some questions

Before Covid-19 most of us hardly even noticed the few hand sanitizing bottles we encountered in our everyday lives. Perhaps we simply weren't anxious enough about hand hygiene? Now, thanks to the still-raging global pandemic, we have all become experts at hand sanitization.


In observation we see that most of us actually find hand sanitization an unwelcome disturbance on our way to something more important. How did we draw this conclusion? Because even in these times most people (approx. 70%, out of an observed 250 individuals) ignore the santizing dispenser, even if it is right in front of them. Hand sanitization is clearly in the opposite activity category to "pleasure", which would be "chore". Research in hospitals support this, and shows that even health care professionals comply with hand sanitization guidelines less than 50% of the time. This partly explains the high rates of hospital-related outbreaks of disease.

We had to look for ourselves, so we created a UV rig and tested the result of hand sanitization on lots of people. We discovered that most people who sanitize their hands, using standard dispensers, leave sometimes large patches of their hands un-sanitized. These patches represent a danger to for example patients in a hospital, fellow passengers on a cruise ship, or people who are vulnerable to disease and infection.


Most of us understand that hygiene habits are key to managing contact-related infections and disease. This is nothing new, however; and therein lies the challenge of affecting our attitudes on this subject. Everyone has the potential to sanitize their hands correctly. The difficulty is that we are in communal acceptance of a technique that does not work well enough for most: the technique of the untrained amateur.

We begin with an understanding of reality, seen from normal peoples' view